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The Newest Office Innovations 

Hon - Motivate


Adapt. React. Motivate.

Are you able to turn a group space into a training room in a matter of minutes? The Motivate family of products, including tables, seating and presentation tools, work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution perfectly suited for any training application or virtually any collaborative environment. The way people work is constantly evolving, and they need comfort, flexibility, technology and quality that work with them. Motivate is the perfect way to have an environment adapt to collaborative needs, and be ready for anything.

Humanscale - Float Table


Float is a height-adjustable sit-stand table that meets the demands of healthier work environments. Float offers more height adjustability, a greater weight accommodation range, and more work surface options than any other counterbalance table. And, with architectural lines that belie its sophisticated functionality, it's all achieved without a clunky support beam that can obstruct leg space.

Trinity Furniture


In its design, development and production, Trinity Furniture seating and table collection’s represent the very latest in furniture manufacturing and the very best value in high-end executive furniture seating today. Over the last several years, we have added many new quality collections that have received numerous accolades.

Work and Play​

Letting you “Walk and Work” simultaneously during the day on a treadmill desk allows you to significantly increase activity levels without taking time away from your busy lifestyle.

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