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Space Planning / Giza Drawings

Get a clear picture of your future layout and design today!


At Indoff, we:
- Ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers
- Consider your needs from concept through completion
- Customize solutions based on current practices and future goals
- Promise to strive to exceed your expectations

Led and Run by Artists - 100% Created and Manufactured in North Carolina


We’re the only gallery serving the Furniture Markets that is owned and run by artists. This means that every decision we make is focused around delivering inspired art that’s on-trend and, of course, at competitive prices. At Kalisher, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable art. And we believe that art should do more than compliment the paint or carpet, it should inspire us.


Signage Solutions

Careful planning is the key to creating the most functional, attractive, and cost-effective signage installation possible.  You can rely on the thoroughness of our design and planning group to ensure a wayfinding solution tailored to your specific style, budget and overall needs.  Proper planning also plays an important role in keeping your facility compliant with federal and local regulatory standards.

We create appealing client presentations, develop fast, detailed quotes, design complex layouts and generate a comprehensive bill of materials—all from a single software platform. Realistic virtual photos of how your furniture will fit and look with two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. The to-scale, photo-quality representation of how furniture will fit with walls, doors, windows and aisles in your office.  Office furnishing projects from concept to completion. Whether you are designing and furnishing a new space or reconfiguring an existing office, our professional space planners and interior design specialists are here to help. 


Streamline your project, our drawings make your purchasing and installation a great success. 



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