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Quest to create the perfect work environment. The "Living Showroom".


Frontier Building WorkSpace Designers Anna Rhyne and Jacob Newbauer are collaborating with Indoff Designer, Theresa Guest, to research the latest in office innovations. You hear of Fitness Furniture online but where can you test drive a sit stand desk or bike desk (FitDesk) in a real world office environment. The Frontier is an open canvas for us to test office space design and create productive multi-use work environments. We collect feedback from our Frontier users and pass this information to North Carolina business's so they can create a better workplace to retain and recruit talented employees. A happy employee is a productive employee!


The Frontier at Research Triangle Park


Use Our Space.  At The Frontier, you rule the roost. Come in and make yourself at home by plugging into the wifi, pouring a cup of coffee and booking a conference room.  

Our doors are open from 9:00am – 5:00pm to anyone that needs a place to work. Whether it’s your next great idea, a team meeting, or just taking a breather over a cup of joe, it’s here for you to enjoy.  As an added bonus, private meeting space comes with the territory. 

It’s really that easy, and our way of saying we want you to be great.


The best part, most of our space is free.


Great Events at the Frontier

Happy Hour every Thursday, Food Truck rodeo every Friday, Lunch & Learns, and 1 Million Cups are just some of the events going on at The Frontier.


Click here to see what happening at the Frontier



Come test drive our Fitness Furniture today!

We now have Fitness Furniture available for online ordering.
Click here to check out our online catalog.
Office FurnitureManufactures participating in research at RTP Frontier.

AIS is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating.
Our growth and success is astounding, and it's all the result of thinking about office furniture differently.
We're proof office furniture can have charisma.


At HON, we take pride in helping our customers create productive environments that leave a lasting impression. But often, the best impressions are the ones never seen. Our greatest impact is our ability to change the business world without changing the environment. By making a commitment to responsibly design and manufacture quality products, we exceed our customers’ expectations while being good stewards of the earth.


At ConSet we offer a large array of different series of sit/stand desks, all of which are electronically operated.  Electric operation means that adjusting your desk is virtually effortless.  The height adjustable desk allows one to avoid the harmful side effects associated with sitting at a desk all day long.  Standing or sitting and everything in between with electric ConSet desks.


The FitDesk® is a unique invention that allows the user to exercise comfortably while working or surfing the web on their laptop. The FitDesk® is unique in several ways: The Patent pending design places your elbows comfortably on padded massage rollers to support your body while in motion, and frees your hands for typing on your laptop or gaming in a way that no other exercise bike can! It’s compact! 


Safco Fitness furniture - For nearly 50 years, Safco Products has grown to be a leading manufacturer of over 2,200 organization and comfort enhancing products for the workplace, delivered with the best service in the industry. Wherever people work, whatever the market trends and ever-changing needs of business life, Safco Products will be one step ahead with trend-right products to make workplaces tick.


Uncaged Ergonomics was started by young professionals who committed much of their lives to academia and the office environment.  Spending years enslaved by the desk, we realized that posture affects productivity, comfort, and enjoyment.  We set off to develop, design, and discover useful products that “Make Life Feel Better.”

Our reseach will create valuble data for our participating manufactures for future designs.


  • How does an employer increase workspace density while maintaining a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment?

  • Will people use fitness furniture in an open space work environment or does it need to be in a semi private area?

  • Which will produce more usage, open space desk areas or semi-private space?

  • What type of businesses find open space or semi-private to be the right work environment?

  • What is the best configuration of open space office furniture to create multi-use areas?

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