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HON Launches New Line - Concinnity

Concinnity offers a coordinated suite of desks, tables and storage components to provide the ultimate luxury of choice. The dignified style and diverse selection combine to create agile, high performance spaces.

With office layouts, one size never fits all. To be productive, you need a workspace designed around you. Worksurfaces configured around your work style. Storage that puts everything right where you want it. Accessories that help you stay organized and put your personality on display. Concinnity allows individual work styles to dictate the surroundings, not the other way around. Concinnity gives you exactly what you’ve been craving — total customization. Modular storage pedestals create a place for everything. A variety of worksurface shapes and sizes perfectly fit the way you work. Modesty panels define boundaries and increase privacy. Gain control. Express yourself. With Concinnity, you always have options.

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